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During their holidays, many students try to not only earn money but also to see the world, meet interesting people and learn about cultures of other countries.

Advertise a job is a very understandable desire. So young professionals learn about the world, improve their skills and bring benefits and pleasure not only to themselves, but also to the society. But finding a temporary job in Western Europe or North America is not an easy task.

Our website has a specific mission: to help Russian-speaking students find advertisers a jobs in developed countries. Here you can place a job vacancy ad for students offered by foreign employers in various sectors of activity: hotels, cafes, restaurants, management, IT, tourism, transport, agriculture, domestic work, care for the sick and old and others.

In the sphere of recruiting foreign staff every young specialist can face tricks, frauds and even more serious crimes. You should not trust strangers and websites which you do not know. With us, you can't worry about you advertise a job, beacouse our resource is open and we are working with hundreds of Russian students and professionals, as well as with foreign employers.

A huge database, lots of work options from foreign companies and firms – all of these are available for our visitors. Each student from Russia and the CIS countries who wants to work abroad will be able to find a suitable job offered by foreign employers. Each proposal is checked for legality and ethical standards. We do not want illegal work and do not welcome unfair clients!

Place a job vacancy ad just got easier

Place a job vacancy ad just got easier

Our website offers serious employers from the US and Europe that search jobseekers the profiles of Russian-speaking students that would like to work temporarily in your business. Many of the applicants have good professional knowledge and experience.

COMPASS is website for ads and we advertise a job postings online from reliable employers – you can post a job and our clients will see your posting. Here you can write basic requirements for the qualifications and experience of your future employees. You can trust the information published on our website – we care about our reputation.

Students from the CIS countries generally have a high intellectual level; they are diligent, tolerant and open to others. Many employers want to invite exactly young Russian specialists from the former Soviet Union because they obviously are international, reliable and friendly.

We hope that our efforts will help those seeking temporary work abroad to find a suitable option; and potential European and American employers can find conscientious and reliable personnel for themselves.