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Nowadays many students from different countries want to find a temporary job abroad. This is understandable: during their holidays, they will have an opportunity to earn some money, meet interesting people, learn about the culture of other country and improve their professional skills.

A good and interesting job abroad is not easy to find. Our website meets Russian-speaking students from the CIS countries and employers from developed countries in Europe and North America.

Russian students can find affordable housing in a country they are going to work temporarily.

And this is not an easy task either. A specialist who works abroad should have comfortable and neat accommodation at a low cost. On our website, Russian-speaking students can see offers from foreign property owners who have apartments and rooms available for rent.

In the sphere of recruiting of foreign specialists, as well as in questions concerning tenancy abroad you might sometimes encounter illegal schemes. We want to break this abhorrent practice. Our resource makes the task of finding legal and interesting work abroad for Russian-speaking students easier and simpler.

Property for rent for students with us is safer, cheaper and more accessible

Property for rent for students

All the ads on our website are published online – this method is the quickest and most efficient one. The website has good functionality and visibility. Of course, students from the former Soviet Union will understand the usefulness of the provided information about property for sdudents.

We suggest property owners from Western Europe and the United States to find neat and financially independent tenants who will be temporarily working in their countries. In addition, homeowners can easily post an ad on the lease of their free houses, apartments and rooms.

So, with our help you can:

  • find property for students in the developed countries of Europe for temporary accommodation;
  • place an ad on property for rent websites in Europe and the United States;
  • property owners can find real tenants and suggest them to rent property on mutually beneficial terms.
  • students from the CIS countries can find different and useful information on job search and housing abroad.

If you win – everybody wins

We check the correctness of every advertisement and update the information promptly; we try to make our resource really convenient, popular and useful to a wider audience. Our goal is to help people solve their problems. We believe that everything depends on our perseverance, desire and action!