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You don't know where to place an ad? Our website for ads will help you!

Сompass is an online service helping Russian-speaking young people to search for accommodation and jobs abroad

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How to Post an Ad to Rent Out Your Property or Find Employees

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Our website is designed to help you find young professionals and students for temporary work in the United States and Western Europe. Reliable and neat Russian-speaking employees will help business owners develop their companies or firms. User-friendly and extremely helpful, our website for ads connects people looking to target.

Apartment and room owners can easily post their property for rent. Currently, the most popular jobs and real estate rentals are located in the resort area of CapeCod, Massachusetts (south of Boston), but other options are also welcome.

Let us give you some guidelines for placing ads online on compass.guru.

Anyone interested in finding employees and/or rental housing should know that an ad can stay on our website for FREE for 30 days.

Our premium options

Publication of an ad in the Our Popular Adsblock (the ad is highlighted and displayed on top of the list):

  • 3 days - $1
  • 7 days - $2
  • 15 days - $3
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Paid placement in the most popular ads feed (FeaturedAds block):

  • 30 days - $5
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Posting an ad to rent out your property (Housing section)

Be careful to properly place your information online. While publishing any information, you need to specify:

Posting an ad - housing section
  1. The title of your ad
  2. Description and details of the proposed property (category, property type)
  3. Description of the facilities, furniture, home appliances, and other important information (feature list)
  4. Asking price
  5. Lease term and the number of people who can live in your rental property
  6. Apartment or room address; in which part of the city it is located
  7. Photo and video information
  8. Contact information of the owner
  9. Paid or free ad

Placing an ad to hire employees (Jobs section)

post ad website - jobs section
  1. Title and description of the job & requirements for the applicant
  2. Category, job type, industry or sphere
  3. Salary and working hours
  4. Locationof the office and other relevant information
  5. Photo or video information
  6. Employer contact information
  7. Paid or free ad

We are a committed and responsible team!

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Our advantages include:

  • A large base of users subscribed to the news of our website;
  • Our website is very popular with Russian-speaking students in Russia and the CIS;
  • We have been doing great advertising work in social media and other informational websites;
  • Excellent service and reasonable prices;
  • Good reputation among websites for hiring employees and advertising rental property listings.

We wish good luck and success to all users of our website!

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Our online resource compass.guru is a perfect post ad website for Russian-speaking young people who would like to find a legal temporary job in developed countries of Europe and North America.

Nowadays it is not easy for students and young professionals to find a reliable and honest employer, especially abroad. Independent search for work might be not always successful either. Our website helps students from Russia and the CIS countries to find interesting jobs, gain additional knowledge and develop necessary skills for their future professional work. You can find offers for collaboration posted by interested employers from Western Europe and the United States.

Many owners of business and private firms are interested in hiring young and reliable employees. The employers from the western countries are looking for young and qualified professionals from developing countries, including Russia.

Our website will be useful for employers from Europe and North America. We have lots of information on reliable young professionals that can support your business. In addition to help in your searching for jobs or employees for business, we also offer housing options for rent in Europe and the United States. Accommodation on our website is available for students to rent. Here owners of free real estate property can get valuable information about Russian-speaking students who are working temporarily in Europe and need affordable housing for rent. They will be reliable, modest and legal tenants.

place an ad about property for rent and post a job

place an ad property for rent

If you are wondering where to place an ad on employment or housing for rent – our website compass.guru is exactly what you need. Here students from Russia and the CIS countries can find job offers from employers of Western Europe and the USA.

Our main goal is to help people. Students from the CIS countries can get useful and latest information about temporary jobs abroad as well as about a place to stay during their working period.

Owners of residential property and landlords in the USA and Europe can find financially independent and neat tenants on our website. All our information is updated regularly. We check the quality of ads: they must be relevant, concise and positive.

The obvious advantage of our resource is your opportunity to place an ad online. Hundreds of young professionals that were looking for temporary jobs abroad have already taken the advantage of the offers on our website. We have helped many real estate property owners and their tenants to find suitable options.

Let’s make the world a better place together!